You Don’t Have To Wait Until Monday

Have you ever wanted to start something, but always waited until Monday to start it? If you answered yes, then you and I are in the same boat. “I will start it on Monday” was my life mantra and it definitely was not successful. If Monday came and I failed to follow through, I would just wait until the next Monday and that is where the unhealthy cycle began. Three years ago, I wanted to start a fitness Instagram account to document my love for fitness. My account would share the very exercises that helped stay out of a negative space: my head.


Why did it take me three years to start it? Well, I was paralyzed by the fear of judgment and believed I did not have the tools necessary to push past that fear. Movement was always part of my life and my desire to share that with others was overwhelmed by my lack of belief in my own abilities. Why would others look to me for advice?  With that thought process, my journey to start the Instagram page had many ups and downs, but the real takeaway was that only you can release yourself of self-doubt.


The last two years were very difficult for me. I struggled with my mental health and self-confidence. I’ve always considered myself someone who has my stuff together, but let’s be honest who ever has their stuff together?! With the help of my therapist, I started to acquire tools to push past all I feared. I started to trust myself and to really appreciate a lifelong hobby along the way. For as long as I can remember, fitness has been a constant in my life. However, my idea of adulting got in the way of me dedicating the time to get to the gym, to eat properly, and focus on my mental health.


Fast forward to August 2019, where I was at my all time low, mentally and physically. I was battling with health issues that I had never experienced before and I knew that it was time for a big change. I decided to leave my job due to the high amount of stress it caused me, really pay attention to my nutritional habits, my mental wellness, and last and certainly not least my workout schedule. I started with small goals for myself and recruited people along the way that were my cheerleaders to help keep me going.


It’s been a year and five months since I started taking my health seriously and I cannot begin to process all the self-love I have been able to pour into myself and into others around me. I had so much self-doubt and lack of self-confidence when I started this journey and I do not wish those things on anyone. I appreciate fitness so much more now than ever because it remains a passion of mine that has seen me at different parts of my life. I started as a competitive squash player when I was eleven and fifteen years later it’s a hobby that has made me feel like such a powerful woman in the gym and outside of the gym. Mental health is not widely spoken about in the world and I hope it is a topic of conversation for the next generations to come.

I started sharing fitness related content on Instagram on a Wednesday. It was the best Wednesday of my life. The amount of love and support I received on that day, was more than I could handle. I was so overwhelmed I cried on my couch and was so empowered that my words and journey resonated with so many people. On that Wednesday, all I did was say to myself if I don’t start this now, I won’t ever start it.

I could not keep waiting for Mondays to start living and doing the things I wanted to do.

You don’t have to wait until Monday to start going to therapy, to start taking care of your health, to begin your fitness journey, to start a business, to begin your writing career, to start studying for grad school or finish college, literally anything. The world is at your disposal. With some consistency and determination your work will not go unnoticed, just have to be patient and believe in yourself.

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Manuela Perez

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