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There is a growing pressure about how we should be spending our time under stay-at-home orders. The truth is, however, what we should and shouldn’t do is solely dependent on our own voices because the only voice that matters right now is our own. Listen to yourself and intuitively leap into activities that feed your soul and boost your morale. Deciding how to make the most of your time in quarantine is your call because you know yourself better than anyone else. How do you fill your own cup?


Here are 5 great tips to remember during this time and set in motion a fulfilling quarantine:

5. “You’re not alone” 

Feeling isolated and alone during this time is a very common feeling. Thankful we are in a virtual and connected world where seeing and talking to other people can be done in seconds on almost any device. Check-in with your friends and loved ones. Try picking one person every other day to reach out to in some capacity. Human interaction will keep you grounded during your time in quarantine.


4. “It’s okay to be alone if you want”

Yes, this is the complete opposite of the previous tip (yet still very important!). While feeling connected to others is great, it is also beneficial to utilize some of this time to disconnect and free your mind. Very few of us have the privilege of taking time for ourselves by shutting down our phones or reducing our professional schedules. Therefore, this can be a great time to create a healthy balance by prioritizing mental breaks.


3. “You can improve your mood by being active or spending time outside”

Whether it’s breaking a sweat or enjoying a nice relaxing sit by a lake, you can take your mood into your hands by engaging in activities that prompt a release of endorphins. There are plenty of free fitness resources available online to ensure you maintain a clear head and strong body by facilitating workouts you can participate in while at home. Sweating is not your thing? You can still spend some time outside to capitalize on nature’s calming benefits also.


2. “Restore a sense of normalcy by creating a new routine”

As much as this may feel like a mini-vacation from the daily grind, keeping some sort of normalcy and consistency can ensure that you don’t fall into a slump. Try waking up at a consistent time on weekdays, eat a healthy breakfast, meditate and/or exercise, get dressed as if you are going outside, then go on about your day. Add in things that you’d like to incorporate on a consistent basis that will keep your mind as fresh and active as it would be any other time of the year.


1. “Your life, your time, your way”

Take some time to truly get to know yourself and your needs. Serious reflection will provide a more informed understanding of which activities are the best use of your time. Whether your goals are to start a business, become a better friend, or exercise self-compassion more intentionally–always know, you are in control. Outside influences are constant but allowing other people’s opinions of how you should live your life is a choice. Make your own decisions and stand by them unapologetically knowing that you did what’s best for you.


Stay safe, healthy, and happy!


Written by Sherron and Josh, Mint Co-Founders

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