The LEGO Effect

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be.” ~Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

A few years back I came across some random LEGO facts online that have stuck with me ever since. The first fact was that LEGO bricks are part of an interchangeable system that dates back to 1958. This means that any brick in the world made after 1958 can interlock with any brick made all the way up to today in 2019. The other interesting fact that stuck with me was that any 2 eight-studded LEGO bricks can be connected 24 different ways and if you raise that number of bricks to 6, it grows to a staggering stat of 915,103,765 possible connections.

So why are these facts important to me? Well, it made me begin to think, imagine if these LEGO bricks represented people. Any two people, no matter what city, industry, or passion, could connect their efforts and individual skills together to make an impact in whatever they choose to work towards. And if you raise that number of persons working together to 6, you get an even larger potential of impact. Now raise that number again and the potential impact grows exponentially.

We each have our own network and community around us that all have their own special set of skills.

It’s time to unlock and maximize the potential of impact around us that is waiting to be realized! Below are a few quick suggestions on how to maximize the value of your network and create a LEGO Effect of impact in your community.

1. Sign up for an industry-specific networking event outside of your own industry.

Different industries can lead to different perspectives. Different perspectives lead to innovative solutions.


2. Volunteer in your community with an established organization.

The best way to meet people with similar passions yet different skill sets can be at volunteer events. Doing one in your community will also serve as an opportunity to see firsthand a specific local need.


3. Support your network.

As your network grows, support what they do. Buy their products, share their achievements, and attend their events. The gesture will likely be returned but beyond that, you will now also be connected with their network as well.


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