The Creators Social October Workshop & Lunch

The Creators Social October Workshop & Lunch

Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Time: 9 AM Local Time

Location: 208 W 138th Street, New York, NY 10030

Description: Our lunch will include a guided conversation that introduces each of us to the group, with a focus on reducing small talk and increasing participation.

After we’ve eaten, we’re excited to welcome Creators Social member Sofia Roman as October’s featured speaker. Sofia has been with us from day one, and credits The Creators Social for helping form her entrepreneurial ideas. Avid content creator, published model, and co-founder of Trevor Apparel, Sofia will bring her experiences to the group with a short talk and workshop that’ll have us all diving into the why of our creations.

Event Link:!event/register/2019/10/13/october-creators-social-meetup

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