The Black Bread Company

Meet the Owners and Founders of The Black Bread Company; Charles Alexander, Mark Edmond, and Jamel Lewis. These three bestfriends from the southside of Chicago have partnered up to start the first ever Black-owned sliced bread company in the world. This business idea was sparked when Mark visited a grocery store to ‘Buy Black’, and as he surveyed the bread aisle, he quickly realized that there weren’t any Black-owned sliced bread companies. He immediately reached out to Charles & Jamel, and the inception of The Black Bread Company (BBC) was birthed. They began working relentlessly on understanding the intricacies of the bread industry, while refusing to be defeated.


These three Black men are thriving to inspire other minorities to be unafraid to disrupt industries where we have none or minimum access. They truly believe in the power of representation. These founders all come to BBC from various different career fields — Mark is a serial entrepreneur, owning a real estate construction company & founder of Pokatidy popcorn; Jamel is a nationally recognized recording artist and marketing guru; Charles is a Communications Professor & founder of non-profit, Speak Hope. All of their skill sets combined has assisted  them greatly with focusing on their specific roles and forming the first ever Black-owned gourmet sliced bread company.


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Q: What does generational wealth mean to you three and why is it important to attain and spread?

THE BLACK BREAD CO: Generational wealth to us means ownership that lasts beyond a lifetime. It’s the things we leave for our children, grandchildren, and beyond. It’s much more than money or even personal property. It’s thoughts, ideas, inventions and anything of substance we leave behind.

Q: What is the importance of serving and giving back to the community that supports your company?.

THE BLACK BREAD CO: We are striving to change the landscape of American business by creating economic opportunities that will help close the wealth and resource distribution gap.  We have a strong commitment to investing in marginalized communities that have been devastated by social, natural,  and financial disparities. In February of 2021, we raised funds to donate over 500 loaves of bread to communities in Texas devastated by a winter storm that resulted in massive power outages. We plan to continue to use portions of its sales and donations to deliver free loaves of bread to those who may lack adequate resources for food.

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Mark Edmond: @markvsuccess

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