Struggles and Triumphs

Some fun facts about me: I’m a former Miss Northern Virginia Teen USA, grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, and a goal-oriented person. So naturally, I am the creator of PopFuzion TV.

I’ve been involved in media and community service ever since I can remember. It started when I was 11-years-old and my middle school TV Production teacher held me back in his class for a second semester. At that point, my mom was super nervous as to why I was being held back. To my mom’s surprise, it wasn’t because I was failing, but because I was doing so well. My teacher wanted to spend the entire year with me in an effort to get me on the middle school news program (something only 8th grade students were allowed to do) and then train me to get admitted to Woodbridge Senior High School’s “Center for the Fine and Performing Arts” program, and it happened!


After high school and Howard University’s communications program, I moved to Los Angeles for a few acting roles. I decided that journalism in regards to hard news wasn’t for me, but entertainment became a viable option! But, I quickly realized that reporting on celebrity gossip and things that did not really matter or inspire me, didn’t fulfill me. I struggled to figure out how I could fuse my love for pop culture, my love for philanthropy, and giving back to the community; (something I had done my whole life) and BOOM; PopFuzion TV was born!


PopFuzion TV started out as an online blog that reported on positive trending celebrity news stories. Our mission statement is “PopFuzion TV fuses pop culture, celebrities and charities” and we do just that! So any celebrity charity event, we report on it and we love highlighting the positive aspects of the industry while of course reporting on what’s trending! Now it has evolved to something even bigger; a bi-coastal airing TV show. The show now airs in multiple states and we have interviewed several celebrities.

But of course, with success, comes hardship. It is really difficult at times being a young minority woman in this business.

At times I don’t feel like “Hollywood” takes me seriously or my peers. There have been many times where I would correspond to high profile publicists/talent executives via email and then when they see me in person the reaction to me, does not match the original interaction. People may try to speak to you differently and think you don’t have a certain amount of experience etc. But, at the end of the day we are winning and with any industry there are struggles and triumphs! My ultimate goal is to make PopFuzion TV a nationally-syndicated talk show; which will happen.


I would like people to know that it is 2020 and no matter who you are, your skin tone, your gender…you can do anything! Just look around! We are in a time where we have multiple platforms to create our own content and spread our own messages! There is an audience for any and every niche! Don’t wait, create!

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Francesca Ellana

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