Speak It Into Existence

Speak It Into Existence

The story my mother always told me was to keep things to myself. You don’t need to tell everyone your plans, just keep it to yourself and then tell people once the plan is complete. I mean we all once heard something like this in our life. The most common phrase being, “Move in silence.” Truthfully, the message makes sense. Don’t tell everyone your business and your plans because things might change and everyone may not have your best interest at heart.


So when I started feeling anxious about my position in life and feeling like I was stuck, I kept it to myself. I started making plans, moving in silence, and brainstorming. But even with all of that, it didn’t feel good to keep it myself, because the goal didn’t feel tangible. See the thing about moving in silence for me, is that if I don’t say anything or call action to my goals, it’s easy for me to disregard them. It’s almost as if the silence prohibits me, hides me in a way from taking action. But I stayed silent because that is what you do, you’re supposed to move silently.


The months went on and my anxiety grew, so I started small. Told my mother that I was feeling like it was time to move on in every sense of the phrase. But even then, it still felt like empty words. Because I knew that I was still playing it safe, still brainstorming. But telling other people? See that wasn’t right, wasn’t I supposed to be secretive? Not run my mouth and blab my business, because if I told someone what I wanted and I didn’t do it, well then I failed. Right?


Wrong. I told my best friend that I was thinking about leaving our beloved city and looking at other opportunities and just like that, the idea took shape. Talking to her made it no longer a quiet secret, but something I was going to bring to fruition. So I went against my nature and started telling more people and asking for help. All of sudden, speaking my goals and wants in a space where I was supported and uplifted, led to new networking connections, which led to new possible opportunities.

My goal felt more tangible than it did, because I spoke it into the void.

I brought discussion and action into how I could achieve my goal and something that surprised me, was that I began to get excited for my journey to change my life. Everything I was told before wasn’t working for me and the moment I went against it, doors started opening.


I don’t say this to tell you that you need to tell every plan you have to every person. Somethings truly are best kept under wraps, but I believe that there is truth in speaking things into existence. There are times that when you call an idea or desire into the world and universe, it comes back to you in ways you wouldn’t believe. I was silent for many years and kept going back on my own promises because it was easy to disappoint myself secretly, but to do it where my loved ones could see it, almost catapulted me into action. Because I knew all these people wanted more for me and wanted me to achieve my goal, why am I not doing that for myself?


If you are similar to me, or have a goal you are afraid to speak about for fear of failure, I promise you, the moment you adhere to it and speak it into existence, things will start to happen.


I am seeing the results already.


Marquita Amoah

MINT MAG Editor-In-Chief

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