Re-defining What it Means to Chase Your Dreams

Re-defining What it Means to Chase Your Dreams

For as long as I can remember, before starting any careers or simply realizing my place in this world, I always had a love for all things entertainment and beauty. Things from theater, music and hosting, to fashion, modeling and cosmetology. I was a witty, spontaneous, multifaceted and outgoing little diva, and my big personality reflected that in every aspect of my life growing up. I would act out movie scenes and sing with my Father and I would dress up my mother and do her makeup when I was only 7 years old until I was about 15 years old. As a home-schooled little girl who had big plans for her life, I wanted to attend a four year university to pursue my goals, but I began to become apprehensive due to the fear that because I was home-schooled, I wasn’t going to do the best or be the best.


I would always hold myself to the highest esteem in anything I would do, because my mother and father ingrained in me to always believe in myself and keep pushing forward, but my fear would always hold me back. I would always say to myself “what if I fail?” “what if this isn’t for me?” and that thinking had lead me to falsely believe that I would not achieve any and everything I wanted to pursue. Because of the apprehension of attending school, I started working with my mother instead and saved money for my future. My Father and Mother had always been entrepreneurs and seeing how they operated their businesses and the mindset they had towards work had always inspired me to do the same in whatever career I wanted to pursue.  After two years of working with my mother, I began to work in the beauty industry in which I greatly expressed my creative nature and began to come into my love for makeup again. It wasn’t until about fours years of being in the makeup industry that I decided I wanted to go to college and get my degree.


At this time, more fear and more doubt about attending college started to fill my head, but this time for a different reason. Since it had been almost five years since I graduated high school, most of my friends and colleagues had already completed their BA or Masters degree, and that made me feel as though I was starting too late or maybe I should just keep on working instead. I finally mustered up the courage to attend, and during my first semester in school, I attained a 3.7 GPA and made the Dean’s List. I am now only a year away from obtaining my BA in Communications from Brandman University. Making this first step of facing my fears and realizing that I was the only one holding myself back created space for multifarious avenues in other aspects of my life.

Starting in 2018, I decided that I would not let anything hold me back from achieving what I wanted to accomplish.

All within a year, I lost sixty pounds and began my career in modeling and acting. I modeled for boutiques and clothing lines and then walked in Los Angeles Fashion Week for The Model Experience. I’ve had walk on roles in films and starred in Youtube videos.Within that same year I went from working in a makeup store to doing makeup for films  and working with modeling agencies such as World Management and doing make up for Instagram Models. I am now also the CEO and co-host of my Instagram Live show Charlor Talk and also a host for the upcoming film “Rayne Dayes”. I would have never achieved any of this without God and the people that He has placed in my life that believed in me and that aided in my career to help me succeed. I wanted to give a special thank you to my Co-host Charmaine Hurst who always pushes me to become my highest self, my friend, photographer, actor and director Chris Rouse who has helped me further my modeling career and has given me more confidence in front of the camera. My friend and clothing designer Shaianne Johnson who realized my potential to model for her clothing line and actor and director Hubainssan Daniel who has greatly helped me with my acting and pushes me to believe in God and to grow. I wanted to speak on my journey in hopes that it will help others to not only face their fears in life with all the adversity that they may face but also to encourage them to explore more than just a singular facet of their artistic identity and to also allow others to help in the process.

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