Ownership Is Not An Option, It’s Necessary

My passion for real estate was groomed from the amazing work ethic of my mom Tracey Jackson (Keller Williams Realtor Inglewood,CA)who brought her first duplex when she was 17 and now sells luxury Real Estate in California. You may ask . . . HOW? How did she accomplish such a remarkable task? Well, she worked at a burger restaurant saving all she could, received a small loan, and was grateful to have her parents who co-signed to close the deal. That property still pays our family every month in 2020.

The great thing I learned about that moment, was that MINDSET is a POWERFUL gift.

I learned that when you desire greatness out of life, manifest and apply yourself, God will start to align everything that you need and more to complete the mission and purpose ordained over your life.


After graduating with honors from Morehouse College, where I majored in business finance, I felt like it was up to me to break generational curses and pour wealth into my family. I understood that real estate is the main asset class for building wealth, so I took action. I learned that the American dream to buy a home to raise my family will never actually build wealth for my family. I learned that working my W2 job and waiting until I was 55 to access my retirement, was an old way of life and I was not going to fall into that system. But, I also knew that at the age of 24 I could not afford my first investment property fresh out of college. So I shifted my MINDSET and realized that if I kept telling myself what I “CAN’T” do, my goals would never happen. I looked to purchase an investment property that had 3 units, I learned that my rental income from each unit was more than what my mortgage payment will be and I will pocket a certain amount of money on a monthly basis after the mortgage is paid. A light bulb went off in my head and I realized that there is a return here that I could offer to potential investors. I was able to raise $15,000 by showing potential investors a breakdown of how much cash flow the asset will produce and offered a higher percentage in return than both the bank and stock market. I was able to acquire that investment property with the funds I raised and split the down payment and cash flow 50/50 with my business partner Ley Nezifort. With all the knowledge we gained from raising money and buying our first property at 24, we knew without a doubt that this knowledge had to be shared with the community. We branded ourselves and started Vesset Capital, in addition to hosting Real Estate meetups in both New York and Los Angeles. There is a knowledge wealth gap to be filled, so we made it our mission to educate the masses how to invest in Real Estate.


As for Vesset Capital, we are a private equity firm whose sole mission is to invest in distressed assets to renovate, fix and improve growing communities.While exercising this mission we have acquired/ re-developed 15+ apartment units in less than 1 year with a portfolio of over 2.5 million A.U.M. What is even more amazing is that we have allowed people with little to no experience in real estate to take advantage of returns and become either a partner or passively invest in our deals. We founded Vesset Capital to be the leading options for investors to take advantage of. WHY you may ask? Well we offer long term cash flow or returns well over what any bank certificate of deposit or stock market can offer. While improving distressed assets in desirable areas, our profit margins have seen such high yield and spreads that many investors have seen north of 14-20% returns on initial investments. While allowing investors to take advantage of such high returns we are thankful to be playing our part in rebuilding communities in addition to equipping future business owners to start their very own Real Estate investment firm.


If you are interested in investing or learning more about what we do, please contact Markus Jackson via email: [email protected] or on Instagram.

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Markus Jackson

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