Overcome Your Internal Mountains

Overcome Your Internal Mountains

Since I was 14 years old, my dream was to help alleviate the suffering of others through medicine. That dream came true in 2016 when I was accepted to Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, my top choice due to their new innovative curriculum which provides students with more independence outside of the classroom. This independence has blessed me with the opportunity to seek out other interests and hobbies and explore more opportunities within the medical field. My curiosity regarding the complexities of the healthcare system eventually led me to apply to Michigan State’s business school, not knowing that I’d be thrown into the business side of medicine much sooner than I anticipated.


Earlier this year an opportunity arose to further my curiosity of medical business when I saw the stress of my mom’s company weighing down on her. My mother chose to leave corporate America back in 2016 to start her own mobile multi-specialty medical practice called Integrity Innovative Solutions. She was tired of the corporatized atmosphere of medicine and desired to start a company that challenged that culture within medicine. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the company was struggling and my mom was contemplating throwing in the towel and selling it.


Without giving it a second thought, I promised my mom I’d help turn the company around. But then my own self-doubt crept in, revealing what seemed like an immovable mountain before me:


“How do I expect to balance my school work alongside my responsibilities in the company? How am I going to gain the respect of our employees when I haven’t even met them in person? How do you even manage staff and operations remotely from a different state? Are the employees going to respect leadership coming from someone who doesn’t even have a degree to do what they do?”


The confidence I would need to overcome both the internal and external negativity I faced along my journey had to be rooted in something greater than myself. The motivation that continues to drive me to seek change even in the face of adversity is the same motivation that catapulted me into my passion for entrepreneurship; the motivation to help others. Let your voice to help others speak louder than your internal voice of self doubt.


Only God has beared witness to the way my inner thoughts demand to be heard. They say that you are your biggest critic, that you allow the voice of self doubt to creep into your own heart before anyone else has the opportunity to try. “Give up on the vision, no one can see it. Failure would be catastrophic. Just stay in your comfort zone”


Giving up during difficult times will set you back years from accomplishing your goals. View your hardships from a larger perspective to see the meaning behind the suffering. If everyone sees the vision in the same light as I do, there would be nothing to work towards. The voice of the majority is always going to silence the voice of the individual; however, it is the individual who dares to think apart from the norm that makes the greatest impact.


Embracing failure is a true mark of growth on your journey towards success. The decision that you make to get up and move past the obstacles that trip you along your path will lead to resilience and perseverance in achieving your goals. If we journey through life without failure, what have we really achieved? Embrace failure and approach each opportunity in life from a lens of humility. After I was able to overcome my internal doubt and skepticism, I committed myself to learning as much about the company as I possibly could. After months of doing odd end projects for the company, my natural curiosity slowly gravitated me towards responsibilities related to human resources and compliance. The only possible way I was going to be able to prove myself as an asset to the company was to dedicate myself to change.


I spent months on end reading articles and watching YouTube videos related to the post-acute care medical industry and business management and structure. I had to research both State and Federal regulations that were applicable to our industry. I studied similar companies to learn how our competitors and industry leaders accomplished what we were seeking to change. I also tasked myself with understanding the company’s daily operations and finances. It has been roughly 8 months since I first started working for the family company and within that time, we have been able to turn our company’s cash flow from negative to positive. We also created an online platform that has allowed our entire medical practice to operate remotely.


After much research and consultation with our lawyers and accountant, we decided to create another business called Innovative Practice Management. This second company has allowed us to provide more opportunities for our employees and clients. The business model we’ve created has allowed our physicians and nurse practitioners greater freedom in their schedules which has resulted in increased productivity and employee satisfaction.


Perhaps the best lesson I’ve learned so far along my journey in life is that most of the time the biggest obstacle holding me back from success is myself. Believing is the first step to achieving. Once you have confidence in your own potential, you must then be willing to take that initial leap of faith towards change. If you stay true to your character and have patience and dedication to what you’re passionate about, you will manifest your dreams.


Don’t let the negativity from within or those around you hold you back from accomplishing your goals. Self doubt and hesitation are both a natural state of mind, the dangerous part is when you let those thoughts hinder your actions.


Always seek to better yourself and the next time you look back you’ll be standing on the mountain that was once before you.

Darin Patmon

Darin Patmon

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