My Passion Journey

My Passion Journey

What are you passionate about?” is the one question that I hated answering in any space my entire adult life. I became so uncomfortable with the fact that my passion changed so many times and that change was often reflected in my career aspirations and goals. I’m sure many would say Danielle has no idea what she wants to do and at one point I’d agree in shame. It wasn’t until recently that this shame took a new form of pride and understanding of my journey, as well as accepting that we can house many passions and act on them in whatever way feels right.

From making my mark on Wall Street earlier this year to currently Freelancing as a Digital Marketer – it truly has been a journey, as is anything in life. Ask what I’m passionate about now and you’d better be prepared to be taken on this journey with me. 

At the core of who I am, being a Black woman with a love and appreciation for my people, our wins, our struggles, and everything that we touch, is what drives me every day.

I’m greatly indebted to Spelman College for not only my amazing education but for providing such a beautiful space for the cultivation of Self, instilling within me the values of what it means to be a Black woman in this world.

In March of this year, I made a pivotal transition in my life, leaving my job on Wall Street and immediately pursuing a career in the digital space to feed my creative appetite, as she was starving. My first client Brooklyn Tea took a chance on me in the pursuit of finding my creative mark. Co-owned by my Spelman Sister Jamila McGill and her fiancé, Hampton University Alum, Alfonso Wright, I truly found myself in a space that would help me grow in ways I didn’t expect. All it took was for me to take the first steps in manifesting the exact things I wanted for my life – those first steps would align the next steps and manifestation is happening before your eyes.

Working in Digital Marketing has been an amazing next step in my career. Shout out to the New School and their Digital Marketing Cert Program that’s taught me how to begin mastering this digital space. Being strategic in my next steps while simultaneously being open to the opportunities that flow to me have been key to my growing success in this field. My book of business has grown by two additional minority-owned businesses, where my goal is to increase their revenue with the digital work that I do.

The long term goal is ever-changing and reshaping into something new, but for now, I’m looking to open my own creative agency made up of Black and Brown people to support the businesses and stories of Black and Brown people. Catch me in a few years, the journey may shift my life in another direction, but I know for sure creativity as an outlet digitally and visually will remain at the core.

Finally, I want to leave you with this, if you absorb nothing else – begin taking those first steps to what you want to manifest in your life and watch as the path unfolds in front of you. It is up to you to continue taking those steps. The work is never finished but with each step in the right direction comes an increase in purpose and fulfillment. Know that!

Danielle Haden

Danielle Haden

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