Our Approach

mint inc. encourages the next generation of leaders, creators, and change-makers to reach their maximum potential by facilitating innovative idea exchanges.

Our strong community empowers young minority professionals with an interdisciplinary network for learning, collaboration, and the development of entrepreneurial ventures.

Identify a need and mint will empower you to find others who share your passion to create a solution.

Our Story

For decades, minorities across all industries have made great strides professionally by carving out their own opportunities.

Businesses are now becoming more aware of how critical diversity, equity, and inclusion are towards overall growth and success. Simultaneously, minority professionals are overcoming circumstantial and internalized glass ceilings by acknowledging and refining their individual skills. mint holds space for this community to combine resources to unlock the extraordinary potential achievable as a team. We’re all about connections–use mint to meet your next friend, mentor, or co-founder.

Meet the Team

we care // we act // we empower

Joshua A. Foster

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Sherron Pearson

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer


Marquita Amoah



Alejandra Figueroa

Mintorship Program Director

Professional Photo

Austin Holliday

Content Strategist


Kaelani Amputch-Curtis

Social Media Intern