Mint Monthly Feature – Marquel Carter

Black History Today Series

Quick Facts about Marquel Carter

CEO and Owner of Kleos Sports & Entertainment

Hometown: Culver City, CA

School: Columbia University

Hobbies: Basketball, Football, Fishing, Call of Duty

Favorite TV Show: How It’s Made

Favorite Book: 48 Laws of Power

Favorite Quote: “Life is about balance.”

Marquel Carter started his career working for Fox Sports Host Marcellus Wiley learning the world of Sports Marketing. From there, he began consulting for a few agents before joining an agency as the Director of Marketing. Leveraging his experience and connections, Marquel started his own Sports Marketing agency, Kleos Sports & Entertainment, in 2020 where he is on a mission to pair Pro Athletes and Influencers with brands that organically match their personalities to create memorable opportunities.

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