Mint Monthly Feature – André Hammonds

Black History Today Series

Quick Facts about André Hammonds

Co-Owner of Shop HEM

Hometown: Somerville, TN

School: Tennessee State University

Hobbies: Shopping, Spending time with Family & Friends, Working Out, Meditation

Favorite TV Show: Real Housewives of ANY CITY

Favorite Book: Becoming by Michelle Obama

Favorite Quote: “Everything matters” – Aunt Trina

My journey starts in a small town East of Memphis, TN called Somerville. Growing up I always knew that I wanted to be in fashion and entertainment although I wasn’t really sure what that looked like. It was during my matriculation in Nashville that I first started to explore a professional career in the industry. While juggling my career in retail and college I started modeling locally and landed my first jobs on a set. These unique set of experiences and skills led me to eventually move to Los Angeles in 2014. Once in LA, I knew that I had more to offer than just the looks of a model. I started developing my on-camera personality as a host and interning as a fashion stylist. Through my styling career, I was afforded the opportunity to work with reality stars, musicians, and industry experts which landed me my first appearance on television. Since then my work has been featured in magazines, television shows, and film. Using my career as a fashion stylist and influencer, I was able to leverage my notoriety and launch my men’s fashion line Shop HEM! Although born through my efforts as a stylist, Shop HEM at its core is birthed from heritage. The brand is co-owned by myself and my best friend Christopher Stovall. With multiple successful collaborations and placements, Shop HEM is rapidly growing and we couldn’t be more proud! The future is brighter than ever for me right now. I’ll be featured in two new digital series in Spring 2021 and I’ll be key costuming my first TV series.

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