MINT MAG Spotlight: Zaineb “ZiZi” Hassan



Quick Facts about ZiZi Hassan

Founder of ZiZi Yoga

Hometown: Dubai, UAE

School: Towson University; University of Maryland Pharmacy; Johns Hopkins University

Hobbies: Read, Cook, Hoop, Play Guitar & Piano, Ocean, Sunrise Sunset & Moon Gazer, Photography

Favorite TV Show: Vice – Showtime and Anything Comedy (Seinfeld, Martin, Insecure, Curb Your enthusiasm, Sex & the City)

Favorite Books: Blood Brothers (MalcX & Mohd Ali), The Alchemist, The Bhagavad Gita, Plato’s Republic, The Art of Intelligence

Favorite Quote: “As Above So Below. As Within So Without.”

My name is Zaineb Hassan and I’m a certified yoga Specialist (RYT-500 HR) and Lululemon ambassador who founded ZiZi Yoga in February of 2016. I specialize in sports performance yoga and work with Elite Athletes worldwide. Born and raised in the Middle East, I moved to America in 2008 to attend Towson University followed by the completion of my PharmD at The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy & Johns Hopkins University.


Upon graduation, I worked at John Hopkins University Hospital and in 2015 relocated to MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. Shortly after moving to Georgetown, I knew I wanted to pursue a full-time career in instructing yoga. I entered the practice of yoga 12 years ago when I began my rigorous academic career looking for a relaxing outlet. Understanding the importance of yoga and mediation in stressful situations, I started focusing on teaching Performance Athletes my specific style of yoga practice, which primarily entails dynamic, static movement & mindfulness meditation. I now dedicate my time to helping the elite prepare for competition and everyday life, focusing on physical and mental strength facilitated through yoga and meditation.

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