MINT MAG Spotlight: Tusean J. Pye

MINT MAG Spotlight: Tusean J. Pye

Instagram: @tj_pye

YouTube: TJ Pye

Quick Facts about Tusean J. Pye

Professional Dancer

Hometown: Born in Willingboro, NJ – Raised in Delran, NJ

School: Delran High School

Hobbies: Currently learning how to use the baton & bo staff; I also edit videos on my downtime.

Favorite TV Show: The Flash

Favorite Book: Acts of Faith

Favorite Quote: “You cannot find happiness, you create it.”

I started dancing at the age of 16 as a hobby, it was something I did to pass the time. If I’m being honest I think winning my high school’s talent show is what really pushed me to take it seriously. Shortly after, I auditioned for a TV show and from there I was picked to work with the movie “Step Up Revolution” because they saw my potential on the show. It was surreal dancing with the stars of the movie when this was something I did for fun at the age of 17. A few years later I joined Team Lilman when I was 21, the creators of jersey club music and jersey club dancing. Joining them really got me focused on training to become a professional because I started to see how dancers could make a living from dance. From performing on tour with them or learning how to monetize a YouTube video, I quickly started to learn how to push my dancing career to the next level. Fast forward to now, I’m currently 24 years old and training at a dance academy to sharpen my skills as a dancer in both choreography and freestyle. I’ve been a self-taught dancer for a majority of the time I’ve been dancing so they were the push I needed. Joining I Am Phresh has definitely helped me see my shortcomings and helped me train them so they can become my strengths. While being a member of phresh, I’ve performed at The Millennium Tour with B2k. That day was the proudest moment for me in the 8 years of my dancing career. Performing in front of thousands of people, I feel really inspired me to keep pushing because now I truly see how far I’ve come from performing at my high school’s talent show. Now I truly realize that this is only the beginning.

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