MINT MAG Spotlight: Sheneya Wilson

MINT MAG Spotlight: Sheneya Wilson

Quick Facts about Sheneya Wilson

Founder & CEO of Fola Financial LLC

Hometown: Bronx, NY

School: Rutgers University

Hobbies: Dancing, Writing, Reading, Traveling

Favorite TV Show: Spongebob

Favorite Book: Becoming by Michelle Obama

Favorite Quote: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Financial education and business acumen are subjects not taught in traditional school curriculums. Witnessing a growth in the population of creatives and entrepreneurs in her community, Sheneya Wilson decided to use her accumulated financial knowledge and experience for a greater purpose. Her mission is to empower others through the use of economic education. This was the inspiration to create Fola Financial LLC.

Sheneya Wilson, Bronx native and social entrepreneur, is an active advocate for education and economic empowerment. Skipping a grade in her early elementary years allowed Sheneya to graduate with her Master’s degree at the age of 22 from SUNY Oswego. Not only was she the youngest of her graduating class, but also the first in her family to achieve this level of education while completing all four parts of the CPA exam during the process.

After a short-lived career working as an auditor working for a “Big Four” accounting firm, Sheneya quickly realized her desire to work more closely with like-minded individuals and help them in growing their businesses. Fola Financial provides various financial services including tax preparation and planning, bookkeeping, and financial consulting. With only two years in business, Fola Financial has already served more than 200+ professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs of color.

With more than 500+ downloads to date, Sheneya’s debut e-book, “Rake It Up”, provides free financial tips to her growing network of clients. Sheneya is actively involved in providing mentorship and support to youth in the New York City area and to her peers. She is the Co-Founder of MySuccessfulSistah, a not-for-profit that hosts an annual event called Cap’N Crowns to celebrate the graduating young women of color who are making positive strides towards their future. Currently a PhD student at Rutgers University, she aspires to continue growing as a finance professional while using her knowledge to educate and inspire others. Sheneya has been able to share her story as a guest speaker and host financial literacy workshops for many prestigious organizations including Microsoft, Columbia University, Brooklyn College, and Mott Hall Bridges Academy. Ms. Wilson prides herself in being “The People’s CPA”.

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