MINT MAG Spotlight: Iman Blow

MINT MAG Spotlight: Iman Blow

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Quick Facts about Iman Blow

USA Fencer

Hometown: Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

School: Columbia University

Hobbies: Journaling, Meditating, cooking, quality time with friends, and DIY Crafts

Favorite TV Show: This Is Us

Favorite Book: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Favorite Quote: “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”—Maya Angelou

Iman Blow is one of the top women fencers in the United States. This past spring, she graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences with a Premedical Special Interest. Before she continues her academic career with plans to go to medical school, Iman will be competing to gain a spot on the 2020 U.S. Olympic team.


Blow began her fencing career as a member of the Peter Westbrook Foundation (PWF) Saturday enrichment program. PWF provides Iman with the opportunity to be mentored by world-team members and Olympians who looked like her, a brown-skinned woman. This community changed how she saw herself and what she believed she was capable of doing.


As a young athlete, she consistently finished at the top of her field. By the time she was a senior in high school, she held multiple national and international titles and had qualified for two National Teams. Following in the footsteps of her mentors, she applied to Columbia University where she believed she could receive the best educational and athletic experience.

During her undergraduate career, she continued to explore her academic and athletic interests. On the fencing strip, Blow became one of the nation’s top collegiate athletes. She was a three-time Ivy League Team Champion, two-time NCAA National Fencing Team Champion, earned 3 more medals at the Junior World Championships and was the NCAA 2018 Women’s Foil Champion. In the classroom, she studied a mixture of neurobiology, psychology, and philosophy while also completing an internship in a medical office.


Now, in addition to her intense training, Iman volunteers as a coach at the Peter Westbrook Foundation’s Saturday enrichment program. To now be able to be in the position of a mentor and have the ability to help the young, impressionable, and vivid generation on the rise is invaluable. In giving back to the community that helped her be the person she is today she hopes to inspire another little brown-skin girl to follow her passion and reach her potential.


Iman’s ultimate mission is simple: “I aspire to inspire others to wholeheartedly pursue their passions.”

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