MINT MAG Spotlight: Eryn Danielle

Quick Facts about Eryn Danielle

Movement Artist and Creative Storyteller

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

School: Columbia University

Hobbies: Interior Design, Yoga, Screenwriting, and Music

Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad

Favorite Book: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Based in Brooklyn, Eryn Danielle is a movement artist and creative storyteller. In May 2020 she founded Allies Doing Work, a community driven space dedicated to intersectionality, anti-racism work, and radical accountability.


Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Eryn moved to New York in 2014 to begin her undergraduate education at Columbia University, crafting a unique course of study dedicated to Human Rights and Race/Ethnic Studies to supplement and enhance her creative process as a movement artist.


Since graduating in 2018, Eryn is in the process of choreographing and co-directing an independent dance film, set to release in 2022. Her work currently focuses on the intersections between the arts and social justice movements. In addition to her career as a movement artist and model, Eryn currently serves as the Creative Strategist at [Black Men Build]( and is a freelance creative consultant for selected clients.

While continuing to build her career as a movement artist and creative storyteller, she is building a digital community with Allies Doing Work. Allies Doing Work seeks to unpack the intersections of anti-racist work, combatting anti-Blackness amongst all communities, and approaching active allyship from a non White-centric point of view. They have worked with brands and community-members to host a series of digital events throughout the pandemic to discuss topics like Anti-Blackness in the Latinx Community, Black and Indigenous Solidarity, and The Harm of Performative Allyship. Allies hopes to continue serving its culturally rich community by hosting more community events (both in person and digitally).

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