MINT MAG Spotlight: AY Young

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Instagram: @aymusik


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Quick Facts about AY Young

Entertainer and Sustainability Entrepreneur

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

School: Homeschooled

Hobbies: Basketball, Making Music, Saving the Planet, Performing, Dancing

Favorite TV Show: Dragon Ball Z

Favorite Book: The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

Favorite Quote: “Be you and say hey to who you are” ~AY

Born and raised in Kansas City, AY grew up in one of the most segregated neighborhoods in the heartland of the USA. AY’s situation inspired him to find the creative outlet of music early on, giving up on his first dream of becoming a professional basketball athlete to pursue a career in music.


AY first entered the spotlight with his appearance on the hit television series “The X Factor”, and in addition to a myriad of musical collaborations with local musicians, he has performed alongside several of today’s hottest artists, including Wyclef Jean, SHAGGY, T-Pain, Aaron Carter, and more.


In addition to his work in sustainability and energy-conservation efforts, AY performs at colleges/universities, weddings, school events, birthday parties, and more.


AY proudly represents the “BE YOU” movement through innovative music and engaging performance art, and is the founder of the “Battery Tour”–an organization that focuses on global sustainability and innovation in energy renewal.

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