Mint Editor’s Choice: We Are All Creatives

Mint Editor’s Choice: We Are All Creatives

Creativity is something that everyone should have a little bit of in them. It helps you see life and work in new ways, no matter what field you are in. But nowadays with the rise of influencers and content creators, it pays to be creative. Like really pays. If you aren’t constantly creating new videos or pictures or dances (whatever your niche is) you somehow lose the creative bug and become boring.


But creativity is more than just dressing cool, or making videos, or lots of followers, it’s a state of mind. You have to work to get yourself in a mental place to truly curate new and bright ideas. And if you are like most people, your ideas do not refresh as quickly as an Instagram feed.


Also, don’t be fooled by what you see online, many influencers on social media talk about how hard it is to consistently curate content!


How does creativity become something you possess? How do you get yourself to a place to think innovatively? Well, I’ve been described as creative pretty much all of my life. The first place my creativity showed up was when I started to write at a young age, and it manifested and evolved in other ways throughout my life. But at certain points, I thought I could just call on my creativity at any moment and I quickly learned that is not realistic. So here are some things I do to get myself in the mindset to be creative:

Experience Others’ Creativity

Sometimes when I fail to come out with a story or new characters, I pick up a book or watch a documentary. It’s not to copy other’s creativity, but to see the world through another’s eyes. Maybe go watch a play, or go visit someone you know and watch them work. You won’t believe the amount of joy you get watching other people create. Fun fact: it was through reading fiction so heavily as a child that I began to write! I experienced others’ creativity and found some of my own!


Make A Creative Space

Right now as I write this article, I am sitting in bed. You may not think that is a creative space, but I cleaned my room, made up my bed, and turned on my desk lamp to create the ambiance I wanted to write. That’s only one version of making a creative space. For you it could mean, inviting a group of friends over to bounce ideas around, or going to the library, or going to a concert. Whatever your creative space is, make sure you are there, because what is around you directly correlates to what is in your mind.


Be Patient

This is the most important thing all people who aim to be creative should understand. Creativity does not come on a whim. It does not always come in time to post your next picture, or in time to pitch your next article. It comes with hard work, dedication, and trust in your ability to not only create, but create well. It means when you do allow yourself to create, think ahead and plan future ideas. It also means giving yourself a break to experience life and come back with fresh ideas.

In our world, creative is a word people think only applies to certain personality types, but I truly believe we are all creatives.

Once you realize that your creativity is catered to you specifically, you will start to treat it with care, tap into it, and see all the new ways life will present itself.


Marquita Amoah

MINT MAG Editor-In-Chief

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