Mint Editor’s Choice: Listen To Your Inner Self

Mint Editor’s Choice: Listen To Your Inner Self

For the past few weeks I felt this energy of change and transition. At first I ignored it, believing it that it was just my overthinking of the events that were occurring to me, but then certain events started lining up. I began making friends that shared interests I had when I was very young, and they were allowing me to tap into the inner dreams and desires I had. My friends who were already in my life, all began getting new opportunities at the same time, and I felt the initial air of change get stronger.

I decided to listen to that energy and give it time and space in order to see where it may fit into my life. By giving that energy space, I got in touch with those dreams I had when young, and explored the ways they could manifest into my life as an adult. The moment I did that, life started to feel easy. The conversations I had, the ideas I had, and even the small opportunities that I had were all aligning themselves to serve goals and dreams that I see in my future. It is times like this, that I am very happy that I choose to value my intuition and value the physical responses I have to the occurrences in my life.

Some of you may read this and think, “wow she is being all spiritual and telling me to listen to the signs.” Some people may believe in spirituality and some people may not. But what I am talking about is listening to what your own body and mind are telling you. Whether you call it spirituality, intuition, or whatever, our bodies are wired to physically and mentally respond to the environment we place it in. And because life naturally happens in shifts, it is important to pay attention to when your body is telling you a situation, place, or thing is no longer serving you and it is time to seek new paths.

That is where I am now, and because I paid attention to myself, I feel a calm that is entering my life. Instead of feeling crazed to figure it all out, I now feel like I have the tools to move forward and reach my highest potential. That calm is exactly what a person needs when thinking about the ways they want to succeed in life.

While the big things in life are usually accompanied by life changing events, sometimes it is moments like these, that are quiet and subtle that usually go hand in hand with change.

As long as you are open to understanding that what you need is within yourself, its gets easier to listen to your inner self, and serve it well.


Marquita Amoah

MINT MAG Editor-In-Chief

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