Mint Business of the Month: Mind Body Sports

Quick Facts about Jelani Jenkins

Founder of Mind Body Sports

Hometown: Montgomery County, MD

School: University of Florida

Hobbies: Meditating, Playing the Keyboard, Jogging, Juggling, Reading

Favorite TV Show: The Office, Kidding, Westworld

Favorite Book: “Transformers” by Jacquelyn Small

Favorite Quote: “Love is Progress, Hate is Expensive” – Esau Jenkins

Jelani Jenkins is a former professional athlete, an entrepreneur, and performance and mindset coach. His company Mind Body Sports is a coaching platform designed to train and develop athletes holistically – specializing in integrating mindfulness and self-actualization to help guide individuals through the process of discovering the greatest versions of themselves in and out of competition. After playing five years in the NFL, he is extremely passionate about using his influence to help the next generation to accomplish their dreams and goals through tapping into the power of their minds.

We train and develop athletes holistically, specializing in implementing Mindfulness and Self-Actualization to help them perform at the highest level possible. We teach them how to access the power of their mind to achieve any and everything that they hope to accomplish in their sport and beyond.

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