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It was November 29th 2016, and I hopped on a plane from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, California to start my journey as an adult. Little did I know that adulthood is a roller coaster with ups and downs and but it only helped me get stronger as an individual. When I first moved to LA, I was 21 and so excited about being on my own. I slept on a friends’ floor I met through social media for two weeks, then I slept on a family friends’ couch for a month after that, and it was a lot for me because I came from a family that spoiled me.

I was always independent, but this was different, and as time moved on I got stronger as a person and I moved into my own apartment in downtown LA.

I found a job and started to get my modeling/acting career off the ground.  Getting signed to an agency in Los Angeles is very hard and being signed to Wilhemina Philadelphia gave me no credit in sunny Los Angeles, where everyone is a model. It was kind of depressing but I was starting to do small photoshoots here and there through people I met and then started to do runway shows. Life was good.I signed up for a background acting agency and forgot what modeling was! I found my calling.


By the time 2018 came, I settled well in LA. My group of friends grew, I found a church and I moved to Hollywood. The most exciting thing was, I participated in my first feature film as a background actor for Captain Marvel. That was eye-opening for me, as I loved every bit of being on set and didn’t want to do anything else. After that project, I started to look into schools for acting. I really wanted to understand acting as a whole and perfect my craft. I finally got the chance to go home and see my family for the first time since my move, the trip was so refreshing and refocused me on what I need to do in life when I get back to LA. Immediately when I got back, I was contacted by a management company and was signed by my first acting management company. Things were coming together with a lot of hard work!


Flash forward to August 2019 I was ready for my first episodic season as a young actor. I had no film yet, but I had headshots and off of my headshots my manager got me 21 auditions, two of which I got pinned for meaning they liked me, but either wrote my character off or decided on another actor. This was very exciting for me, as I was in school and I still am at Groundlings and Margie Haber Studios which are two very well renowned schools. My career is finally coming together. I now live with some actors in The Valley because I want to be surrounded by my craft. I am loving life as it is now in 2020 and I am proud to say I booked my first co-star role on a Netflix movie we are filming now and I’m excited to see what this movie does for my career. To conclude, Los Angeles is not for the weak, you need to be strong and have tough skin out here. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come and where I’m going, so until next time guys thank you for reading my journey thus far.

BJ Wolf

BJ Wolf

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