It’s Okay to Not Do Anything

I know you just read a whole magazine about people’s professional careers and how they worked hard to get to where they are in life. And then here I am, ending the magazine with an article titled: “It’s Okay to Not Do Anything.” What??? Doesn’t that go against the whole magazine?

No it doesn’t. Something that I love about being the editor of MINT MAG is that I hear so many people’s stories and how their trajectories are so different. These individual stories have determined people who want to strive for their dreams in a unique way, but all of them take a moment to reflect on what they really want from life, before taking the next step to their dreams.

The current pandemic we are in, is unprecedented for our generation and some of us are being asked to stay inside and be still. Some of us are being asked to go out and risk our lives. All of us are being denied human connection, as we sit and worry about our loved ones. It’s hard to do this, it’s hard to be in this moment.

In this crisis we are all being asked to do something really crucial and that is: pause. The normalcy of our lives is at a standstill right now and it is unnerving to realize that the life we led before, may not be the life we lead once we get out of this predicament. That means many of us have to hit pause on our plans, our dreams, and just reflect.

For many of us, this is the first time in our lives that we have had to face ourselves. Thoughts you were pushing to the back of your mind, are now rushing forward to be front and center.

We are being asked to not only participate in a communal public health safety measure, we are also being forced to look at ourselves. What were our habits before? What was serving us and what was draining us? Are we living in places where we want to be quarantined for a while? Do the things we thought mattered, actually matter? I have to be honest, I have been trying to face myself for a while, before this pandemic, and even so, this moment is difficult for me So my advice is that: it’s okay to do nothing. If it’s for an hour, a day, a week, or however long you need, just take a moment. Acknowledge your worry for your family, your anger that your plans are postponed, your gratefulness for your job, or your anxiety about the future. Allow room for yourself, because this moment can be a reset for your mentality. You do not need to make the next digital empire in your house, or turn into the next Picasso. You do not have to leave the house richer, smarter, or prettier. It is perfectly okay to take a moment and be utterly human. If there is anything this pandemic is teaching me, it’s that we haven’t practiced compassionate humanity in a very long time. I hope we all leave this a bit more ourselves than we were before.


Stay safe!


Marquita Amoah

MINT MAG Editor-In-Chief

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