Is Your Dream Affordable?

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Is Your Dream Affordable?

Reaching your highest potential is expensive. Do you have it in you to pay the price for your dream? Not necessarily requiring monetary payment, the price for realizing your dreams will cost you the limiting beliefs and behaviors working together to keep you right where you are. Yes, you want success–whatever that means to you. But are you willing to pay the price of surrendering who you are now for a newer you that is in alignment with where you want to be? Here are the four costly items in your life that you need to reconcile to truly step into your potential and live the life you envision for yourself:

1) Being overwhelmed by the big picture
The perceived distance between your current situation and your goals can lead to confusion and, ultimately, failure to commit to any action at all. Alternatively, you may find greater success by reframing your overall goal as a collection of tangible, actionable steps. “Do not set out to build a wall. You don’t start there,” Will Smith masterfully illustrates during a 2002 Charlie Rose interview. “You say, ‘I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid.'” Get organized by creating a dream game plan. Cross off each step on your list once accomplished for an added boost of motivation.


2) Letting your subconscious hold you back
Most of us are still allowing our younger selves to control our adult lives. The child “you” had to work overtime to learn how to make sense of the world as well as your place within it. With that, you may have acquired founding beliefs that no longer permit your growth despite ensuring your survival at the time. It’s critical to acknowledge the child you, especially if he/she is still in the driver’s seat of your life. An example includes experiencing extreme procrastination on a task that you know will propel you forward. Child you may have picked up a fear of rejection, and therefore, causes an internal resistance to action. When this occurs, reassure yourself and find the courage to push through.


3) Lack of discipline

Having a goal requires a commitment to action, or it will forever remain a dream. Your circumstances will not improve unless you exert the necessary effort to propel from where you are to where you want to be. Are you committed to sleeping less to work on your dreams, saving more money to spend towards your vision? Your ultimate success will cost your reliance on excuses. Take out a piece of paper and begin writing the sentence: I have not yet realized my dreams because… As you complete the sentence, if the reason in which you are not yet successful is due to an external source, you are making an excuse.


4) Allowing your ego to stunt your learning

You do not know everything. I repeat, you do not know everything–and that is okay. Your lack of knowledge will not prevent you from success, your unwillingness to admit what you do not know, and become a humble student will.

Do not close yourself off from hearing various perspectives and ways of doing things. Defend less and listen more.

Surround yourself with intelligent people that have or are on their way to have what it is that you want. Learning from others will help fill the voids caused by our shortcomings, but you will have to leave your ego in the backseat.

Now, do you have it in you to pay the price for your dream?

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