God’s Plan: Faith Over Fear

My lifelong dream has always been to pursue a career in acting, but the weight of practicality and unimaginative teachers & counselors tapped into my fears. After a routine meeting with my high school guidance counselor, I came out feeling like my dream of acting wasn’t enough because she wanted to know what my “real” job was going to be. That moment really stuck with me. My “real” job, huh? So, I got to work to come up with a better answer. This was the start of me going down a road of detours during the early 2000s. I found myself avoiding the “real” dream, because I was afraid of proving them right. What if I indeed was unsuccessful? I completed my college degree based on Plan B: to major in health sciences and public health, a career major that is often described as practical, solid, and recession-proof. A great career path for those that love it, but not for me. I found myself unhappy and working against my areas of strength and furthermore, not sharing the talents that were already within me. So, after many bouts of trial and error and time wasted, I finally got back to my Plan A and started to take charge of my dreams, “God’s Plan”. The calling on my life to express myself through the arts had been undeniable since the age of 14, after being accepted into The Governor’s School for the Arts, to focus my high school studies on stagecraft and theatre in Norfolk, VA. It took 10 long years after that, before returning to my original plan A, to pursue acting.


My blessing in disguise was a news article, which caused me to take a leap of faith back in 2018. It was an article in ‘Deadline’ News, similar to this one, that I came across back in 2016, that truly inspired me. The story of a rising star, an actor, that with the support of one man, the right training, and an ounce of courage in his identity and self-belief in who he was created to be, was able to catapult his career from zero to thriving, within just a small window of time.


This would be the first of many stepping stones that would lead me back down the path to pursuing the arts again and ultimately relocating to Los Angeles, CA to attend acting school, and to pursue a career in acting.


As I write this, I am currently awaiting to hear back as to whether a few tv/film projects that I auditioned for will get back into action, due to the pandemic. After a number of years, yes, I’m late to the party, but finally pursuing everything God has placed on my heart. Still holding onto faith and working everyday to keep the dream alive. I hope you will find some inspiration in my story no matter what career path you choose, to always believe in yourself and to maintain tunnel vision on your Plan A. The plan from your heart, regardless of what the nay-sayers think. It’s never too late to start and it’s never too late to accomplish everything that’s been placed on your heart.


No matter your path, whether it’s DJing, Teaching, or Entrepreneurship, rest assured that destiny won’t let you down.

What’s meant for you, won’t pass you by, no matter how it may seem now, your purpose will be fulfilled.

Don’t forget, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. So, get out there and create your story.


Everything you’ve ever wanted is right on the other side of fear. Maktub.


“There’s no reason to have a plan B, because it distracts from plan A.” ― Will Smith


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