From The Court to Content Creating

From The Court to Content Creating

Over the past two years , I’ve noticed a shift in my passion. What was once playing basketball has now become working around the game as a social media publisher at the NBA. I know for myself– someone who has literally lived life by “ball is life” criteria– it was hard to accept the fact that I didn’t love basketball to the capacity I used to before. I appreciate the game for what it has taught me and given me, but I know my time playing competitively is coming to an end. The lessons that it has taught me and experiences that basketball has opened for me laid the seeds for what I am truly passionate about– content creating. Pew Survey described content creation as the creation of “the material people contribute to the online world.” I love creating and curating photos and videos for my Instagram and Facebook. I occasionally like to write too. Creating new things has always been a hidden passion of mine, maybe even suppressed since almost all of my life was dedicated to basketball. This creativity spawned from my imagination as a child. While growing up in the Philippines, I used to pretend that I was Nala from the Lion King, pinning a rag to my shorts, and climbing my grandparent’s sofas in the Philippines. I don’t know why I did that, but I just loved the movie and how it made me feel.

That same feeling never left. Today, I create content simply because I enjoy doing it. On a professional level, I do it for the NBA, specifically the WNBA. It’s awesome to still be a part of the women’s basketball to a certain degree. After about 16 years of playing, I’m developing a new love for basketball from the sidelines. Playing up until college and overseas helped me understand the lives of these professional athletes. It’s crazy sometimes to think a few of my teammates from my youth are actually in the league. Basketball is a small world. My experiences playing have really helped me at my job. Paired with my passion to create, it helps me think of ways the WNBA and its players can connect with the fans. How do we bring more awareness to the league? How can we create meaningful conversations about these phenomenal players? How can we connect with people more? It’s fun to think about and exciting at the same time because I feel part of a movement. Part of something that isn’t established yet and my content and posts are pieces to that establishment. Sometimes I wonder if my job really is a job. I’m really grateful I found a place that helps nurture my passion on a personal level while still being around basketball, just at a different capacity.

On a personal level, creating a vision for my content was a challenge. For me, I was constantly fighting with who I wanted to be and who I really am, and that was influenced by social media. I love social media, but I wasn’t aware of how much it would affect my mindset– my constant battles with “what I wanted to post” vs. “what I should post,” based on what was more engaging. I learned to put boundaries on my social media and to be authentically me because, at the end of the day, no one wants to see the same content over and over again. People want originality and to see things that they can relate to. People want to see that you are human too. When I started to reconnect with myself and asked what exactly I wanted to give to the world, I noticed a shift in my engagement on social media and that people were generally more responsive. Now I can say this– I have a clearer direction on where I want to go. My vision now is to create content around what Filipinos love– basketball and beauty. I’ve always appreciated fashion. From athletic wear to high-end couture. I want to be able to fuse these two worlds together and create something different. As a Filipino woman, with a background in basketball, content creating, and an interest in fashion, I find that a lot of people I run into lump us into the big “Asian” umbrella. Our identity as Filipinos becomes drowned in the East Asian culture and assumption. Living in NYC, I don’t see a lot of Filipino representation in fashion or in the sports world here. My hope is to expose more people here in NYC to who we were as people and in turn, create more conversation about having more Filipino fashion designers here in NYC while inspiring young Filipino women to pursue what they love (whether it be in sports or arts, etc.)


This vision is a work in progress. I know I will have to trust it and constantly tell myself to ‘zoom out’ every once in a while to see the bigger picture.


I look forward to going on this journey and discovering more about what I can contribute to other people and what I can learn about myself along the way.


Sofia Roman

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