Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

I looked at the projected balance of my retirement account when I turn 65 and thought to myself, “this is not enough”. The money would run out a few years after retirement. At this moment, I realized that if I wanted to pursue real estate as a route to financial freedom, I needed to take earnest action. After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, it became apparent to me that so much of what we have been taught from childhood regarding finances was wrong. No one is to blame, but it was up to me to make the decision to go in another direction. Why should we spend 40 of our good years working so hard for this glorified milestone called retirement? Don’t get me wrong, many people enjoy the work they do and work as long as they can. My point is, having the option to leave a job should be there for everyone. The good news is that as long as you’re alive, you can change your trajectory.

In 2018, I went against conventional wisdom and put my student loan in forbearance for 12 months in order for me to save for my first investment property. I had no idea what this investment would look like, but I knew that I wasn’t going to end 2019 without an investment property.

It’s easy to go with what the crowd is doing, but to get to where you want to be, sometimes you simply have to go against the grain.

The truth is, you don’t need a lot of money to get started. As Robert Kiyosaki said, “One dad had a habit of saying, ‘I can’t afford it.’ The other dad forbade those words to be used. He insisted I ask, ‘How can I afford it?’ One is a statement, and the other is a question. One lets you off the hook, and the other forces you to think”. Reading blogs such as Biggerpockets and listening to podcasts from Todd Millionaire and the Black Wealth Renaissance helped me to acquire knowledge. Watching documentaries about racially restrictive covenants further ignited the fire under me. African-Americans have been systematically kept out of building wealth through real estate for decades, and it’s time to change that narrative. We have 400 years of catching up to do, so there is no time to wait.

A combination of these experiences inspired me to start the Black Real Estate Dialogue Podcast. This podcast will document my journey to real estate investing and will feature interviews with current black real estate investors. In our community, we are often plagued with a deficit mindset and believe that we can’t achieve great things. We are also impacted by a scarcity mindset that has swept through our community for decades. There is indeed enough money and opportunity out there for all of us! This can be attributed to factors such as institutional racism, media, and our upbringing. In any case, seeing someone who looks like us work towards wealth makes it realistic. We have plenty of star athletes and entertainers that we can look up to, but believe it or not, the average person can become a successful real estate investor if we first believe that it is possible, then take action. The Black Real Estate Dialogue will prove to you that it’s possible.

My ultimate goal is to achieve financial freedom and to help others reach the same goal. Financial Freedom allows you to focus on what’s important, such as family, exploring the world and pursuing your passions. Are you ready to come along for the ride?

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