Timing is the most important factor in product releases. Not particularly a day and time, but overall timing for your audience. A sort of timing that is too general to know in the moment. A timing that you cannot test or measure in the moment.


Vincent Van Gogh was “virtually unknown and poor” most of his life. It was only after his death that people considered him a genius and one of the best artists of all time. A man who died poor and alone could have used the $100M that his historic Starry Night painting is now worth. Would Michael Jordan be revered as the best basketball player in history if he played today? Would the iPod sell millions in 2018? What if Picasso was born in 1990? Would he paint or do graphic design?


Some things have perfect timing and others are timeless.


Sometimes it feels as if it is a perfect time to release your product. You think there is a void in the market and you have found a niche. However, it is also very possible that people are not ready for what you are offering. How do you know if you are too futuristic? Then sometimes you feel as if it is a terrible time to drop what you have been working on. Maybe there are too many competitors. Or maybe there is a perfect balance of product familiarity and variability that your target demo will love your work. When Facebook released, Friendster and Myspace already existed. Creating another social media platform was not seen as innovative or the “next big idea.” But it was the perfect time to iterate on a growing trend of public social profiles.


I believe your gut is connected to the universe. “Gut” is a synonym for “intuition” that is God’s voice. Most people ignore this voice even though it doesn’t feel similar to any type of personal dialogue that you could have with yourself. Your gut is connected to the universe and can be developed over time in order to stay connected to your true path and the will of God. Developing this universe voice is vital to longevity in your art.


There is a fine line between confidence and ego. A majority of people will not be able to correctly discern the difference for you, because they do not have the same vision as you have of your place in the world. The proper alignment of confidence relies on the truth and honesty with yourself on the quality of things and how your work compares. Compares in the eyes of the world, not just your own opinion that your work is better.


See, everyone is an artist. Everyone in the world has the capability to create something that will intrigue another person in the world. The question is how big of an artist are you? Do your capabilities move 10s, 100s or 100s of millions of people around the world? No one knows until you execute. No one can tell you how great you are.


When Kobe first played Michael Jordan they advised Kobe not to stare into Michael’s eyes, because they said he would attack you during the game. Kobe, the rookie, responded: “I am the same as him.”


Steve Kerr started playing basketball as a child. He would never become an All-Star, he would never become the #1 or even the #2 option on a professional basketball team. He would never have a signature shoe or see a city full of jerseys with his name covering their backs. I am not sure if he ever even started in the NBA. However, he is an integral part of NBA history and will live forever in the Hall of Fame.


Kerr won his first championship as a role player alongside 3 Hall of Fame players: Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and the Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson. He was a key piece to their historic record and 3-peat NBA championship success however, he never started. The lime-light barely made it Kerr’s way as the greatest player in NBA history, Michael Jordan, was in the midst of breaking almost every record. If Kerr was obsessed with becoming #1, he would not have maximized his role as a role player. After Kerr won 3 straight with the Chicago Bulls, he was traded to San Antonio Spurs with the Hall of Fame coach Gregg Popovich where he won another championship, yet still did not start. Kerr won one more championship with the Spurs in 2005 and ended his career with 5 championships.


Fast forward almost 20 years to 2015 and Steve Kerr gets selected as a Head Coach for the Golden State Warriors. Kerr used his experience of playing alongside the greatest basketball players to coach future Hall of Fame guard Stephen Curry and they won the championship his first year. The Warriors won the championship the next 3 out of 4 years and set the record for most wins in a season. A record that Kerr’s previous Bulls team owned. Kerr now has 8 rings, 5 as a player and 3 as a coach. He will never sell Nike shoes, but it is not possible to write the history of the sport of basketball without mentioning his name.


The media has always romanticized the person in first place, however in art, success is self determined. Every music artist would love the life earned from breaking the Top 100. Every child football player would love the idea of one day playing in the NFL and hearing the crowd roar as they ran down the field on Special Teams. It would be wonderful to be Jonathan Ive, the Head designer of Apple, however everyone wants to be Steve Jobs. How do we prepare people to be the #2 or the #10? Your knowledge of self and the passion for your craft will guide you along your journey and find your proper placement in the history of your field. Only if you quiet ego and allow the universe to guide you.


Your time is yours and no one else’s. There is no blueprint to success, there are no rules to the game. No amount of work earns you a seat at the table. It is possible that you are not even currently executing your true calling in life, however your current struggles and learnings will prepare you for your blessings.


Every great thing ever made is a conglomeration of multiple people who were in perfect harmony at the perfect time. Finding great partners is one of the most vital keys to success. Not everyone is for everyone, not everyone is perfect for you. But you have to work hard to find your puzzle pieces in order to accomplish your dreams. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are some of the greatest successes in the tech industry, but it is possible that Apple and Microsoft would not exist if they were put on a team with each other at a young age.


Achieving success with another person is like walking down the aisle and taking vows. It takes marriage level commitment in order to win a war for success. It takes marriage level commitment in order to create timeless art.

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