Avoid Business Partners with These 3 Traits

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Avoid Business Partners with These 3 Traits

As millennials continue to turn towards entrepreneurialism, many of us are on the hunt for quality business partners to combine expertise and resources. Unfortunately, joining forces with the wrong business partner can not only undermine the overall success of the company; but it can also leave you with an unnecessary headache. While some personal qualities communicate red flags, some traits may slide under the radar and leave you in an unfortunate business situation if you are not careful. Here are 3 characteristics to avoid while shopping for the best person to venture into business with:

1. Insecurity

Insecure business partners can seriously sabotage your participation with the company in addition to the company’s overall health and potential success. People with mild to severe insecurities have inflated egos that cause difficulty accepting constructive criticism, which to them, may seem like a threat. If your business partner feels inferior to you, you may find yourself dealing with a partner who needs to feel as though they are in control. You may find that this trait manifests in conducting business meetings behind your back or even assuming credit for your ideas and efforts. Admitting their poor behavior would be admitting to being insecure, which is a direct threat to his/her ego. Therefore, they are certainly not above lying to your face if you call them out about it, and the likelihood of him/her going down without a fight is slim.


2. Attention-Seeking

A business partner that has a healthy relationship with attention is a great asset to any team. However, if you find the need for attention overcharges your business partner, you might want to run for the hills. Their outward persona features a greater emphasis on the “perfect” appearance or perception of their character more so than genuine behavior. They thrive on praise and would prefer not to share it with you.


3. Poor Judgement

In terms of a business partner, you need someone astute. Individuals easily influenced by emotions or external sources not entirely rooted in facts are entirely too unpredictable, usually the most stubborn, and an eventual obstacle. Your trust in their decision-making skills may waver after spending a great deal of time convincing them why they are wrong and cleaning up their messes. For instance, if you know the person is easily influenced by members of the opposite sex, you may not entirely trust their biases when developing new programs or plans. Security between partners is critical for any business, or you may be better off working alone to save yourself from handholding.

Starting a business is a daunting task for anyone individual or even large teams. Ensure the partners on your side have integrity and the business sense to drive your mission forward. You’ll thank yourself later.

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