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Iam a builder at heart, that recognizes the dance between agencies in the day to day shuffle required for a balanced life.  I received my degree at Columbia University in Architecture while playing football for the Columbia Lions.  There were definitely times when I was on Kraft Field practicing and simultaneously thinking about a design problem that I was trying to break through in the studio.  It’s simply how my mind works. It is those moments of simultaneous thinking, I know that I am here to build for the future.


While I formally accept my role as an architect, I see myself as a visionary in general because of my range of skills in that I take the time to develop thus allowing for my ultimate growth, development, and understanding as a design professional.  It finally dawned on me at Columbia—that I had to awaken the nature of my own creativity.


While I formally accept my role as an architect, I’d prefer to see myself as a visionary. With a range of skills that I practice and develop consistently, I allow room for my ultimate growth, development, and my place as a design professional in this world. It dawned on me while in college that I had to awaken the nature of my own creativity.


An early childhood interest in music, numbers, geometries, and symbols remind me of how my consciousness is inherently programmed to perceive and produce for the world.  I’ve always had a keen interest for building, creating and drawing, but my potential truly bloomed at Columbia. When I look back on those years in college its amazing how much architecture was an omnipotent force that was always there, in the form of NYC. Architecture has always been special for me because I see it as a real world moment frozen in time through the creativity and context that is required.


Spending time in the studio at Columbia University watered my already budding curiosity, and developed a hunger for understanding the process of design and its nuances. To build something, requires a process that fascinates me.  It’s the importance of details, such as the manner in which a roughing is framed for a pocket door, or  knowing when a pocket door simply isn’t feasible.  Things like such are scalable to the design of neighborhoods and cities.


During my tenure at Columbia, I noticed spurts in my growth as a creative after my experience with internships.  Interning with VA Spaces, an interior design firm located in Washington DC, allowed me to blend the taught world of design and architecture with real world deliverables such as product samples and construction documents.  I grew a lot being on site and seeing the construction phases of projects in which I drew  details and reflected ceiling plans for.


After a summer with Mancini Duffy, an architecture and planning firm based in NYC, I was even more inspired to establish myself.  I was in an environment where a large office had many players of the process, from the various designers, to the 3D research lab, to the gentlemen in the print office, and up to the CEO of the firm.  I could see a path where I navigate and learn through different roles of architecture and planning, and overall run a large scale firm.


I established Under One Sun, LLC because of the value that I am able to offer in a myriad of architectural, planning, and design spheres. 

My experience, matched with my constant hunger to learn, gives me confidence that my path will be prosperous as a creative in general. 

It is my mission to use my light to show others how they may shine on their own.  I see myself designing a collection of houses, art pieces, and other mediums.


Ultimately, UnderOneSun is devoted and inspired to enlightening the minds of individuals. I established this entity not only to curate and document my passions through things that I am able to create, but also to inspire that for others. As a soon to be registered architect I plan on offering passive housing solutions With architecture designed with the sun in mind for many places around the world. As a registered part 107 pilot I will be building my skills of Aerial Data Mapping and Cinematography to accentuate the manner in which I approach design problems and efficiently develop solutions.


I am also excited about the new cryptocurrency and web3.0 space, where my three dimensional drafting skills will be put to great use for the future of information exchange and the budding NFT market.  In the future this decentralized market will cause ideas and inventions to develop at a much more rapid and efficient development of ideas.


Under One Sun is currently in the process of developing creative curriculum, skills such as basic sketching skills, courses on ideation, courses on Revit and Rhino, and more for your Innervisions.   


I thrive through the relationships that I have with other professionals, whereas I can seek the proper guidance through my path of developing and building for the future. Experiences I develop throughout my career are inspired by the people around me and ideas I get from them, thus tying back into the ultimate mission of Under One Sun—awakening the latent potential of individuals through creative collaboration. is loading, and UnderOneSun.crypto is developing as well.  One day at a time.

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