Are You Ready For Change?

Since moving to Chicago from my birthplace of New York City, I have received the above question every time I tell someone I moved a month ago. I didn’t know that uprooting your life and starting over in a new place was so uncommon, I mean isn’t every other movie this exact plot?


Apparently, dropping everything and starting over, is not as common as you think. I’m actually a bit surprised by that realization and yet, every time I get asked this question, my response is always calm and collected as I say,

“Yes, I just moved.”


Moving from home to Chicago was not as quick and easy as it seems in the movies, nor was it an impromptu decision. It was a big freaking deal, and it was one I kept under wraps for a very long time. See I knew that change was calling my name pretty early into 2019, but

I knew that in order to be in a place to receive that change, I needed to start the change way before I left home.

See that’s the one thing the movies don’t tell you, in order to be able to start over somewhere new, you have to start embodying that idea of newness when you are still in the old.


You’re probably like, “What that makes no sense?!” But hear me out, there is no way I would have left my home, had I not been ready and prepared for that change way before I left. So maybe you aren’t someone who wants to uproot your entire life, but I do think there are some signs that let you know you are ready for change. Here were a few that occurred to me:

1. Things that Bring Comfort, No Longer Do

After a trip, my favorite thing to do was to come back to New York City. I would see the buildings and skyline and feel a calm enter my body. This always happened without fail. But in the months leading up to my realization that I needed a change, NYC no longer provided that comfort for me. Every trip I returned from would have me feeling an emptiness I couldn’t explain. Despite not being able to explain the emptiness, I knew it was a feeling I had to explore.


2. You Stop Trying

I was so complacent my last year and a half in NYC. I saw the same people, did the same things, and never pushed myself to go outside my comfort zone. Yet, I used to be the person who always yearned for a challenge, and here I was not doing things that made me better. I stopped reading as much, or going to new places. Basically I stayed in my bubble, and nothing convinced me to leave. When you stop pushing yourself, it’s a red flag, because like people always say, “Life starts outside of your comfort zone.” My comfort zone was beginning to make its own comfort zone! Life was a standstill.


3. Negativity is Everywhere

The other thing I noticed about myself, was that I not only complained more, but I also viewed myself in a negative way. Once I was sure of my move and secured my job, I said to my roommate, “I am sorry I have been such a pessimist these days.” He turned to me and said “I don’t think you are a pessimist at all, I just think you haven’t been in the best environment to be your best self, which on most days is an optimist.” That moment was when I was like wow, change was so desperately needed.


Look, moving may not be for everyone, but we all need change at certain points in our lives. It’s important to know when it is time for your change to come. There are many more signs that change is needed, but these were the big ones for me. Once I realized I needed this change, I took a hard look at my life and thought about all the things I had the power to change. From there, my new life in Chicago was manifested before I even knew it!


Marquita Amoah

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