Are You An “Entrepreneur”?

Are You An “Entrepreneur”?

It is no secret that the human mind has evolved in miraculous ways to make life easier for us to process information and perform activities. We can make decisions more quickly because we assign relevant characteristics to almost everything. We even label ourselves according to whom we think are, which consciously and subconsciously ignites behaviors that align with these labels. These mental shortcuts can wreak serious havoc on our lives if they are configured negatively, especially if you are beginning a new endeavor that requires a personal association with productive behaviors.

For instance, if you do not label yourself as a “morning person,” you are less likely to attend an early morning workshop. Whenever you behave in discord with how you view yourself, you may even experience an internal discomfort called cognitive dissonance. Therefore, let’s say you are not a “morning person” but you do decide to attend that workshop early in the morning. As if you participated in a self-fulfilling prophecy, your subconscious resistance may create a negative experience that provides further justification that you are not a morning person.

Take a moment to evaluate how you see yourself. Create a concept map with your name in the center. List various characteristics that you associate with yourself—good and bad. Identify which labels serve you as well as those that do not. You may even realize that most of the labels may not even originate from you.

Your parents, peers, employers are three examples of potential sources of internalized identities.

Perhaps your parents have repeatedly told you that you are “lazy.” Even if you have exhibited lazy behavior, accepting the title of “lazy” increases the likelihood of future lazy behavior. Take a step back and tell yourself that you are a “hard-working” person and find feasible ways to step into that self-realization instead. This requires cognitive effort, however, it can produce life-changing benefits down the line.

One of the most beautiful aspects of life is our power to grow and co-create the life we truly want. Therefore, if your dream is to achieve financial freedom, but you don’t see yourself as an “entrepreneur,” you have the sole authority to reconfigure that limiting belief. Develop more connections with entrepreneurs, do some research or take classes… become immersed in the world of entrepreneurship. Moving past self-imposed limitations, you may discover that your abilities are not static, yet tied to your beliefs and attitudes. The first task requires you to get on board with the person you want to be. Begin claiming this title and gradually adopt a new set of habits that can sustain your goals.

Among other things, I am a sociable and intelligent entrepreneur. My creativity blasts through obstacles almost as quickly as they come. This identification and trust of having everything that I need in order to be successful create little internal resistance in navigating various projects. How do you see yourself? Do you like what you see? 

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