A Signature Wardrobe

A Signature Wardrobe

Your clothing speaks before you do, which is something many people may not realize. In the professional and social world, presentation is everything. The way you walk through the door at that meeting says a lot.


Your first impression only happens once, so finding a style that is unique is key.

“Dress For Success,” is a crucial phrase that you should be aware of everyday. Whether it is a job interview, boardroom, or a meeting with a client, you always want to portray a successful image, one of power and respect. For an example, standing out with your wardrobe can lead to others recognizing you first before another candidate in a job interview, it can also lead to potential clients and professional contacts remembering you once you’re gone.

I always tell people to look at your style as if you are a brand name and keep in mind how your peers may see you. Is your wardrobe portraying how you want to be known? Is your style brand expressing prominence, sophistication, or classiness? Your favorite celebrity or prominent figure always takes into great consideration their wardrobe choices. That is why they have major budgets for stylists to upkeep their style brands because they will always need their wardrobe to correlate with their established brand.

Many people fall into the standard regimen of getting dressed with no direction or style in mind because they do not think it’s of importance. That mentality leads to mundane wardrobes that put forth little effort.  Not only does having great style look good externally, but there are also internal and mental health effects as well. Clothing boosts confidence, self-esteem, and positive self-image. Like I always say, in order to be the boss you have to dress like one!

Tips on How to Build a Signature Wardrobe:

1. Find Unique Pieces- In order to make a statement with your wardrobe, having a few unique and signature pieces is necessary. These items can include a splurge on something designer or a custom made item. The best places to find these pieces are in local boutiques because the items sold in those stores are usually not massed produced and they can also be one-of-a-kind items that are hard to find.


2. Try New Stores- I encourage clients to get out of their comfort zone and walk into a new store they would normally not go into. Sometimes you end up liking the items they have and the best part is now you found a new store to frequent!


3. Create a Style Board- A style board is a great way to see your wardrobe and style in one place. It is also great to envision your style. You can outline things you like and start to source items that would be great for your wardrobe. Apps like Pinterest and Shop Look are great for creating a board.


4. Clean-Out Closet- Cleaning out your closet is a great way to refresh your wardrobe. This should happen at least twice a year. When you clean out your closet you want to get rid of all the items you have not worn for at least 6 months, because let’s face it you are NEVER going to wear it! This purge also helps to make room for new clothing. The best part about cleaning out your closet is that you can donate any good condition items to your local charities!


5. Hire a Wardrobe Stylist- Everyone is an expert at something and being successful requires you to delegate to experts. A wardrobe stylist is a great addition to have because they can pick up items that compliment your personal style and look great on your body. They give honest opinions and can see what you may not see.

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