A Remedied Mistake

I grew up in Willingboro, NJ, a small suburb, in a single-parent household with my three sisters. In 11th grade, I dropped out because I had a child on the way. Not having the proper guidance, I believed dropping out was the best thing to do, in order to provide for my family. We didn’t have a lot growing up, and I wanted things to be different. But I quickly realized that dropping out was a huge mistake, and thankfully I was able to remedy this mistake. I received my diploma the same year I was supposed to graduate! That was a turning point, because I realized that having a child was not the end of my life, but the beginning of me becoming a man. It made me see all I can achieve with perseverance, dedication, and belief in myself. I haven’t doubted myself since and I make sure to keep conscious fears or doubts about the future far from me. Finishing high school and believing in myself, was only the beginning of my journey. Now, I have made sure that I am the most influential person in my life, by always challenging myself and striving to be the best version of myself, no matter what.


Growing up, I watched as many family members and friends struggled financially, because they were never taught about money management and investing. As an adolescent, I wanted to learn all that I could about finances so that I could share that knowledge with others, but more importantly, with my kids, so that they would never know hardship, as I once did. I started by learning about taxes and deductions and that gave me the insight to learn how to manage the money I already had.  I learned how to use my income tax and options to have additional taxes taken so that it would be beneficial for me at the end of the year. These things should be common knowledge for people, but it isn’t it, and the information is made to be confusing for the working class. Once I gained insight on taxes, I pushed myself to learn about stocks, bonds, and trading, which is another level of financial gain if done right! I worked hard & played hard. Even when my funds got low, I took a growth perspective and knew it wasn’t the end. I regained my footing, planned, saved the right amount of money, and invested. I started with investing in rental property at the age of 22 and I now own a Duplex rental as well as a Brand New Smoke shop, clothing, & sneaker store with my wife. My goal is to eventually expand and invest in both residential and commercial properties.

Every day I’m inspired to be greater and to reach the highest level of myself I can be.

My number one passion is to hustle and to be great in any way that feeds my soul.


During my journey into business I didn’t think I would make it at all. Discipline really helped me be consistent and accomplish everything thus far. I had a plan, plus the people who both loved and believed in me, and those things gave me hope. That is what pushes me forward each and every day, my family and our future. If I could give any advice to future entrepreneurs, I would say to make sure you do everything from the heart. You won’t advance anywhere if you don’t do what you need to do first.  I stress necessity, because success is not obtainable without it. There is a difference between needs and wants, because I want things that are not essential for my life. But the things I need, I do my best to get them. When you need something, it will mean the utmost to you especially when it’s something that you take ownership of.  A quote from a well respected rapper, the late Nipsey Hussle, once stated in the song Victory Lap, “Blessings, held me down at times I seemed reckless.” With that being said, my life lessons have grown to be my greatest blessings.

Kristopher Anderson

Kristopher Anderson-Baylor Jr.

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