A Diverse Community

A Diverse Community

Look around your office. How often do you see a colleague that looks, has a similar background, or self identifies as the same ethnicity as you? Well, if you are a professional of color this is probably a rare occurrence. Despite the rise of collegiate degree attainment in communities of color, diverse representation in corporate spaces have stagnated. Black women are now considered the most educated racial group in America however they currently hold zero seats in the Forbes 500 list of CEO’s, The California senate had to pass an act to prevent black women from being discriminated against for wearing their natural hair. Additionally, the demographics of the workplace are not representative of the demographics of the country, and do not allow highly talented professionals of color to activate their full breadth of their skills and unique experiences. When companies fail to prioritize diverse recruitment efforts, they fail to tap into an abundance of potential innovation and growth that stems from the integration of different perspectives.

Diversity has shown to be a significant driver of growth and innovation that directly affects companies success. Not only should diversity be a priority to correct historical discrimination and disparity, but it is a necessary component of organizational productivity. Even when companies try to prioritize recruitment efforts they often lack the capacity or the connections to recruit new  talented professionals of color at scale.

It took me a while to realize that my career trajectory was a direct product of the need to give back. Every internship, job opportunity, mentor and training program that I participated in stemmed from a caring individual or a community that understood the hardship of being black in the workplace and the need to prepare the next generation to continue reaching new heights. In high school I was apart of a leadership program for students of color that gave me and edge top get into the college that I wanted. In college started a student chapter of the association of black psychologists on my campus that connected me with an individual who gave me my first job out of college. A few years later I started working for the largest black professional network in Philadelphia who then introduced me to the world of D&I consulting. Throughout my entire life I had a community I was accepted in and I realized that the more I gave to the community the more the community gave to me. The community gave me a soundboard for ideas, an accountability check for my character, and a strategic awareness of the wealth of opportunities available. This is what Elivade is, your soundboard, your accountability, and your opportunity to take your career to the next level.

Elivade is an online community and a recruitment platform for professionals from underrepresented communities. Our mission is to elevate diversity in the workplace by connecting candidates to peers, mentors and employers. We help companies diversify their talent pipelines by granting access to a high performing, collective of color. Companies have the opportunity to engage candidates meaningfully. Companies can present their culture, discuss concerns, and understand what candidates of color are looking for in a work environment.  These companies can take this feedback and start to craft a more inclusive and equitable culture. Complementary, we have created a community where professionals of color can harness the collective knowledge, skills and experiences of their peers. With Elivade, we are addressing this problem of lack of representation by connecting members to companies and we are creating a community to support members along their career journey.

Within communities of color there is a tacit rule; when climbing the career ladder create opportunities for others to follow.


The often difficult, and esoteric nature of navigating a career path as a person of color, creates this need to ensure that the subsequent generation is properly trained, deeply connected and given the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability. Communities of color understand that there is an inherent interdependence where the success of the individual reflects the success of the collective. Due to this fact, there is an emphasis on mentorship, sponsorship and collaboration.  This is the essence that we strive to capture with Elivade, a community of motivated, high performing, individuals with mission to give back to the collective by sharing ideas, and working collaboratively.

If you are a professional of color and you are looking for a burgeoning community of your peers and want to engage with exciting companies come Elivade with us! You can Join the community and take your career to the next level at www.elivade.com. We can’t wait to see you on the platform!


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