A Common Happiness

“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.”

~Henry Ward Beecher

I want to take a moment to just talk candidly with all of you who are reading this. This world we live in can be so complex at times. Everywhere we look, every device we turn on, and every sign we walk by is trying to sell us on the next best thing that is supposed to bring us status or make us happy. Whether it is the fancy job that you can barely even describe to your friends exactly what you do on a daily basis. Or the complex and secretive business or side hustle that not even your family has any idea exists. It could be the newest endeavor or project that looks impressive on paper but isn’t really adding much value to your life outside of your portfolio. You fill in the blank but we all know that thing in our lives that we have just to say we have it or do just to say we’ve done it. We can rattle off a list as fast and as fluid as the Busta Rhymes verse on Look at Me Now when asked about what we would buy or do if we had “x” amount of money or had “x” amount of time in our days. But when someone asks us what we are doing right now in this moment that brings us pure joy and makes us happy we hit them with a Bryson Tiller, Don’t, length of a pause. It’s wild.


Don’t get me wrong though, dreaming and setting goals for where you want to be one day is very important. It is what keeps us striving to be great and to grow every single day. Practicing delayed gratification is also a very important practice when on your journey to getting to where you want to be one day. Goal setting or the practice of delayed gratification should not be a reason why we don’t enjoy the simple moments and find happiness in the common things that we can do day to day though. If this year has taught me nothing else it has taught me more than ever not to take any moment for granted. It has taught me not to overlook the simple and common joys that we seem to speed past every single day. Take a second and think back to your earliest memories of things that made you happy as a child. Chances are, those things were so simple and so common. Add back things like that to your daily routine. For some it may be running, reading a book, talking with a friend, or cooking your favorite meals. For others it can be making music that you have no intention of selling, painting a picture just for yourself, planting a new plant on your balcony, or just taking a long walk with your headphones blasting in your ears to songs you don’t want your homies to know you have on repeat. For me, it was actually getting back into the game of football that once brought me so much joy as a player but now as a coach at a local high school. Whatever it may be for you, find it and do it.

Find your joy in this moment. Find your happiness in the common things.

And trust me, once you do that you’ll be strolling down the streets like the ageless wonder that is Pharrell singing Happy!


Joshua A. Foster

Co-Founder & CEO of Mint

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